What about the day of the test?

Follow your usual routine.  Take your medication as usual unless we have told you otherwise.  You may have coffee, tea, and other beverages as you usually do.


The Diagnostic Sleep Clinic is a non-smoking facility...

but you may smoke outside if you like.




The Sleep Clinic requires a minimum of 2 business days notice for any and all cancellations.  A fee will be charged if notice is not provided.


What happens after my 'sleepover'?

After the test, data analysis is done on each 30 second period of sleep.  The data is analyzed by our technologists and a report is prepared by our Doctor.


What happens next?

Your doctor will be sent the results once the study has been 'scored' and then reviewed by Dr. Feige.


If a consultation with Dr. Feige has been requested for you by your doctor, this will be booked based on the severity of the sleep study findings so that patients with the most severe problems can be seen first.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Sleep Study appointment?

You do need a referral from your family doctor.

When and where will I be tested?

Please report to the Clinic at 8:30 p.m.. Ring the bell beside the glass entrance doors at the front of the clinic.  The Sleep Clinic Technologist will show you to your private bedroom.  After you are settled, you will be prepared for the test.

Parking is available all around the building.

How is a Sleep Study done?

The technologist will spend approximately 30-45 minutes attaching the monitoring equipment to you using glues and tape so that we can measure your heart, breathing, and sleep patterns.  There is no pain involved.  After the monitors are attached, you may have some time to relax or watch TV prior to going to bed.

Should you need a bathroom break during the night, simply tell your technologist - it is easy to disconnect you temporarily.

We will observe your sleep continuously during your test.

When the test finishes in the morning at approximately 5:30 a.m., you may shower at the Clinic or do so at home.  A gentle note - remember that your technologist has been up all night and would like to go home to sleep! :)

What to bring with me?

We want you to be comfortable.  You can bring in your favourite pillow, blanket, teddy bear, 2 piece pajamas or T-shirt and shorts/jogging pants, housecoat and slippers.  Bring any snacks or drink you usually have before bed and any of your medication that you would normally take.  You may bring reading material or music player (headphones required).  If you want to shower in the morning, please bring a towel and toiletries.  Please bring a list of all of the medications that you take.


Patients under the age of 16

Please note that children require a parent to stay overnight with them.  A cot will be provided for these studies.

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